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Fast Advance Funding

About Us

Decisions Based On Cash Flow

Our decision to fund your company is based on the strength of your business, not your credit history. We provide small business funding to help your business grow with advances for expansion, equipment and improvements which will enhance your productivity. 

We have devised a proven system which has guided all of our clients into the right direction. With our quick and simple process, you can have working capital within two days. We will do our part as soon as you do yours! Our client relationships are long lasting due to the impeccable customer service we deliver.  

Working Together

Our team will work with you to get the results you are looking for. Need some cash to gain more success in your business? Need to consolidate your current open advances? Everyone needs a little help sometimes and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Increasing your finances, increases your confidence in your future. If you want more information on what we offer, our choices and descriptions are listed below. 

What We Offer

Merchant Cash Advance

What is a merchant cash advance (MCA) ?   We look at your business' income to determine if you can pay back the funds. We give you a portion of future credit card sales to acquire capital within 48 hours. Each day, a percentage of the daily credit card results are withheld to pay back the MCA. This percentage is based on the amount of funds a business receives, how long it will take to pay back the money, and  how big the monthly credit card sales are. This continues until the advance is paid in full.  Once you acquire this advance, you will be able to use it however you choose. 


Being the founder of this consolidation program, our expertise gives you confidence in working with us. With this program, we will be able to give you additional capital without increasing your daily payment.  

We are the only company in this industry that has this program. 

You can gain control of your cash by restructuring your current advances. This will also help you get your credit up as well as make you bankable. Don't you finally want to get rid of your merchant cash advances? You can do this and build your business at the same time. 


"The folks at FAF have been excellent. We have been funded by their team on four different occasions and they have been absolutely painless to work with.

- Cesar M. - Online Retail Wholesaler - California 

"I wanted to extend a huge thanks to all of you that helped me get the Merchant Cash Advance. When people told me about non bank lending, I was skeptical but you guys are awesome. I consider you guys my financial partner for life and I will continue to rave about you to anyone who will listen. By the way, we are going to expand again next summer because of your small business funding program and I know I can count on you to get me the working capital I need right away. Huge congrats to you guys for being there for us. I’m sending over 5 free pies to you guys this Friday, so save room. 

- Angelo A., Pizzeria 

"I can't thank you and your team enough, the cash that you gave me allowed me to purchase new equipment and hire a new head detailer. Since we have taken the advance, I have tripled our profits because of the additional staff. I will definitely recommend you to everyone in our business community. I will also be calling you again soon, as we will continue to grow"

 - Stefan B. - President of Auto Car & Detail 

“I am writing on behalf of my business relationship with FAF Funding. All I can say is that it is truly comforting to know all I have to do is send an email or call and tell them my situation and they always come up with a solution and a way to help me. It's good to know they have faith in me and are always there for me."

- Sharon B. - Commercial Landscaping-  North Carolina 

"Traditional lending just wasn’t an option. Fortunately, we came into contact with Fast Advance Funding and Anthony Gibson. This connection without a doubt is most instrumental in the current success of our business. Our business plan and projections were very positive, we just needed working capital to bring them to fruition. Anthony came to the plate with the working capital we needed, and he and Fast Advance Funding continue to be major part of our success. Anthony builds a great relationship with his clients – gets to know their business – and patterns a working capital program to address their specific needs. Fast Advance Funding also provides online resources for their clients to help them monitor their working capital program"

- Neil S., President, IT Company 


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